Woah! Jessica Chastain, Is That Really You?

    the actor sports a way-different look in 'W'

    by gabriel bell · October 12, 2015

    Like, we had to check the credit on this one. Then we rubbed our eyes and checked again. Yup, it’s the normally classic-looking Jessica Chastain gussied up like a mid-'80s glam punk staring back at us from the cover of the new W magazine. It’s really amazing what a few era-appropriate accessories, a good hair-and-makeup team, and photographer Steven Klein can do.

    The article accompanying the shots in the issue of W on newsstands now features a few great nuggets of Chastainian trivia (e.g., her boyfriend, Passi de Preposulo, is a “gentleman from an old-school Italian family. No one in his family has ever been divorced!”) But, really, it’s the pink hair and the “Express Yourself”-era Madonnaeque shots we’ll remember. 

    Click through the gallery for a taste, then head over here for even more.

    (via W)

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