Watch This New Clip From Netflix’s Upcoming Superhero Series Jessica Jones

now that’s how you end a bar fight

by daniel barna

Jessica Jones isn't messing around. In the latest clip from Netflix's upcoming Marvel's Jessica Jones, Krysten Ritter's sleuthy superhero does what any of us would do after laying waste to a bunch of cronies in a bar: She walks over to the jukebox, cranks her favorite tune (Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation", of course) and pounds a shot of cheap whiskey for good measure. 

The latest teaser from the hugely anticipated series is further proof that Netflix is looking to recreate the same gritty magic that made Daredevil such a runaway hit. And since Jessica Jones' and Matt Murdoch both call Hell's Kitchen home, don't be surprised if they're trading roundhouses sooner than later. Sorry Matt, but our money's on Jessica. 

The binge-watching event of the season drops Nov. 20 exclusively on Netflix.