No, Jessica Lowndes Is Not Marrying Jon Lovitz, You Suckers

but the world bought it: hook, line, and sinker

Over the weekend, news broke via Instagram that 27-year-old Jessica Lowndes—who experts tell us was in the 90210 reboot—was not only deeply in love with someone, but engaged. And who was the lucky fellow filling her feed with images of high romance and passionate love? Why it was none other than 58-year-old Saturday Night Live and The Critic comedian Jon Lovitz. 

As one might expect, the Internet lost its collective mind over the following hours. Was this real, so many asked. Could it be? Whether it was or not, websites rushed to cover the news, to comment on age disparity on Hollywood, to question Lowndes’ motives, to find out who exactly Lowndes was in the first place. Amateurs and real, honest-to-God journalistic outlets pulled their hair and tried to understand.

The thing was, there was nothing to understand. It was all an April Fool’s joke (or, more exactly, a publicity stunt for a video) so y'all can settle down now.

If you want to see actual proof of this, check out the video below for Lowndes’ new remix of her single, "Déjà Vu." If you don’t want to bother yourself with that, just check out this statement sent to us by her PR team.

I love a good prank so happy early April Fools! Jon and I met in Hawaii last year when we worked together on HAWAII 5-0. I fell in love with his humor and comedy so when I was looking for someone to be a part of my Déjà Vu remix, which is a nod to the 80’s Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and 90’s Pop Up Video, he was the first person to come to mind.   

So there you go, folks: The romance that set the Internet ablaze (or at least had it scratching its head) for a few crazy hours was all a stunt. Still, we’ll always have the memories, won’t we? Well, actually, maybe we won’t.