Jhene Aiko Eternal Sunshine New Music Video

These days, there aren’t many new music videos that floor us. Sure, some carry an emotional weight that resonates for a few hours, but few rock us to our core. Jhené Aiko’s latest visual, “Eternal Sunshine,” falls into the latter category.

To put it simply, “Eternal Sunshine” is a one-take shot of the 27-year-old rising off the ground of a nearby car crash with clips of her past interrupting her ascent. What’s not so simple is the complexity behind the take. For Aiko, “Eternal Sunshine” is as personal as a music video can get. A year after losing her brother to cancer, she, her daughter, her daughter’s father, and her sister were involved in a car accident. Suddenly, this isn’t just a gorgeous looking video of a melancholy song; it’s a cathartic experience for all involved—one whose impact outlasts the three-and-a-half minute clip. See for yourself above.