jill flint of “the night shift”

The actress dishes on her new show, what qualities she looks for a man, and more…

by Christian Lavery


It was an awesome time hanging with beautiful actress Jill Flint. She’s not only a guy’s girl, but a girl’s girl too…making her extra cool. Underneath the gorgeous exterior lies a really intelligent, talented, funny and passionate person. Soon you’ll get to see more of her when her new show “The Night Shift” premieres on May 27th on NBC at 10pm/9c. She plays the very together Dr. Jordan Alexander, one of a bunch of radical doctors who face the challenge of trying to save lives in an underfunded hospital, working the wild night shift. Check out our chat here and be sure to puruse the photo gallery too.

Q: How was it filming the show in Albuquerque?

A: Albuquerque is an interesting place. The skies are vast and beautiful. There were roadrunners in my back yard. Recently, I went there for a quick trip and discovered a dead rattle snake in my rental car. There is something about New Mexico that feels wild, like it's a state of outlaws. I respect it. We (The Night Shift) adopted the same film crew that shot Breaking Bad. They were one of the best crews I had ever worked (hung out, goofed off, partied) with and I miss the hell out of them. Hopefully, we will have a few more seasons together.

Q: Are there some similarities between you and your character, Jordan?

A: There’s a little of myself in her and a little of her in me. She believes if you stay on course and work hard, you’ll get what you need. Though she’s not naïve to think that things will always work out, it’s just not an option. The one thing she can’t fix is her ex boyfriend and fellow doctor TC Calahan, played by Eoin Macken. He suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and it’s pretty heartbreaking. The big difference between my character and I is I don’t do death, blood, or needles. Jordan passionately goes for them, while I run swiftly away.

Q: Do you think there are appropriate times for a lady to play it cool and a little tough, with a guy?

A: You're always strongest when you keep your cool.

Q: Besides a weakness for a Southern gentleman, what other qualities in a man catch your interest?

A: It’s true, I have a thing for Southern gentlemen. I think it's their manners. I am also a sucker for freckles, scars, a little scruff. But all of this means nothing if you don't have your shit together. I am attracted to someone who is driven, honest, and good humored.

Q: What kind of music gets your feet tappin?

A: It's always the right time for Neil Young, Harvest.

Q: When you feel like a fun night out, where do you head?

A: Sometimes you just have to go to Nurse Bettie and get Joe Z'd, catch a Burlesque show, or both.

Q: Have you gotten into any good books lately?

A: I am halfway through 'Malala.' It's about Malala Yousafsai, the fourteen year old Pakistani girl who was shot in the face by the Taliban for wanting an education. It's eye opening.

Q: A majority of actor’s head to Cali. What makes you stay planted in Brooklyn NY?

A: I decided I was moving to NY when I was 12. New York is home. Enough said.

-words & photos by Tina Turnbow