Jimmy Fallon Interviewed Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump

*sips wine*

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have yet to face off in a debate as they both fight to win their respective presidential nominations. But thanks to Jimmy Fallon, they've at least had a conversation. Sort of.

Clinton appeared on Late Night Wednesday to have an interview with Jimmy Fallon, but before sitting down for a traditional setup, she found the talk-show host dressed as one of the Republican candidates. As Trump, Fallon asked Clinton about her position on reproductive rights, her campaign strategy, and her views on immigration. He also wound up giving her some advice of his own (just yell at people) and he mentioned his own position on women's issues: "I know a lot of women and they all have issues." We honestly can't blame Hill for needing a sip of some wine during the chat.

Soon, we'll know for sure if Trump and Clinton will meet up in an actual debate, but this video gives us a little preview of what may be to come. And for now, we can at least appreciate this Democratic candidate jamming out to OMI's "Cheerleader."

(via Mic)