Watch Jimmy Kimmel Call Donald Trump’s Ideas “Un-American” To His Face

the comic got super confrontational.

While Will Ferrell was declaring himself the newer, bolder Santa over on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the other late-night Jimmy was confronting another loud, laughable figure wanting to slide into a seat of power. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host sat down with Donald Trump for an interview that was both satisfying in its confrontational manner and frustrating in its lack of results.

Unlike, say, the seasoned journalists who treat the always-controversial and often-inconsistent Trump gently, Kimmel came right at him: “Isn’t it un-American and wrong to discriminate against people based on their religion?” he asked. Sitting less than three feet away from Trump, Kimmel created a real moment by simply saying what so many Americans (both Liberal and Conservative) have been wondering—and it’s worthy of applause. 

Of course, Trump managed to brush it off and descended into his manic routine of impossible, bizarre talking points (whatever you think about him, his ability to drown people in empty words is undeniable).

As you can see below, Kimmel went on to confront Trump about immigration and other issues. Again, it’s impressive that the jovial host of a late-night program would show such backbone sitting just inches away from Trump, but it was also kind of inevitable that Trump would turn the occasion to his advantage.

For people who are against what Trump represents, it was a bright, if results-free moment (the candidate settled into his now-familiar claims and sayings). For Trump fans, it was a victory. For all of us, it should be a reminder that comedians have an amazing ability to speak truth to power.