Uncle Jesse Forgot His Pants In This Photo Shoot

but will it #breaktheinternet?

Exactly how the editors and photographers at Paper magazine are able to sit down with famous people—Kim Kardashian, in particular—and get them to expose their behinds to the camera (and therefore, the world at large) we don’t really know. But whatever Paper does to convince celebrities to show their butts, they’ve done to Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos, in their latest issue. As you can see in the cheeky pic above (sorry, we had to, sorry), Stamos is looking awfully well-preserved. It makes us wonder exactly what would have happened if this photo had been taken in his Full House glory years.

Notably, when Paper asked the star, “What is the craziest thing you've done all year?” he answered, “Pose bottomless for Paper.” And there you have it. Behold!

Photo via Paper Magazine

(Via Paper)