Johnny Depp and Kate Moss to Apprear in Paul McCartney’s New Video

they’re getting back together… sort of.

by steff yotka

It's a Monday miracle! My favorite '90s couple of all time is reuniting for Paul McCartney's music video for "Queenie's Eye," a track of his album, New, that drops today. Having visions of grunge leather jackets and center-parted hair? Good. 

While the video doesn't have a release date, or much of an explanation as to why Depp and Moss were chosen to appear in it (apparently a lot of celebs will be in the video), I am still more excited about this than I have been about anything, ever. Don't you remember the pictures of the duo lounging in cozy sweaters and white sunglasses? On the red carpet together in beanies and slip dresses? Drinking tea with matching greasy hairdos!? Seeing them on screen together will be like having my Pinterest board come to life!

There's clearly a lot to expect from Sir Paul's latest video, you know, aside that it's from Paul McCartney, so here's what I'm hoping for. If these things don't come true, at least I'll have this T-shirt to wear to catch my tears. 

1. '90s FASHION: Depp and Moss together will always be associated with the '90s, and if I'm going to see them together again, I'd like it to be as nostalgic as possible, please.

2. SNACKING: Some of the best pictures of the couple together are of their more private moments eating, cooking, or serving food. It just seems like it would be a blast to sit down at a dinner party with the duo and chat about all the hot topics of '95, like Christy Turlington's Calvin Klein ads, Jewel's debut album, and Brad Pitt's performance in 12 Monkeys.

3. A DANCE PARTY: New has a dance-y vibe thanks to producer Mark Ronson, so obviously a celeb-filled dance party is the best case scenario for this video. Meryl Streep is also reported to be appearing in it. which actually has me thinking...

4. MERYL STREEP PLAYS DEPP AND MOSS: We all know that Meryl Streep is objectively the greatest actress to ever grace the earth, so what if the entire video was just Streep in a series of very good wigs doing impersonations of various famous people, of which Depp and Moss are just two. Because I would watch that for hours. 

5. A DEPP-MOSS HUG: OK, if everything else I'm wishing for is false, can they at least hug? Is that too much to ask for? Is it!?

You can bet we'll post the video once it's live, but until then watch this clip of Depp and Moss on British TV being in love and adorable.