JoJo’s “Save My Soul” Video Is Just That Emoitonal

so raw

Yes, the return of the former teen-pop star JoJo has been humming along quite smoothly, thankyouverymuch. She’s quickly putting all that mess with her record contract and her old image behind her with her new album III and tracks on her surprise #LOVEJO2 EP.

Now comes a little more proof that Joanna Noëlle Blagden is on top of everything with the video for the anthemic “Save My Soul.” It’s emotional, you guys. So emotional. Oh, and quite adult. 

Matter of fact, JoJo and director Zelda Williams (the actor, anti-bullying activist, and daughter of Robin Williams) seems to have put the focus on the very adult issues of addiction, depression, and recovery. The two claim filming it was a cathartic experience. Hit play and you’ll see why.