jon lajoie of the league

The man behind Taco MacArthur….

by Josh Madden

Isn’t there always room for more humor in your life? Look no further than this comedic actor Jon La Joie to add a substantial dose. He plays Taco MacArthur on the FXX semi-scripted comedy The League. The show revolves around five high school friends who start a fantasy football league and the escapades that ensue, and he plays a musician who is usually stoned and unemployed. Read on for more info on Jon, his comedic influences, musical tastes, and his desire to be a real life Batman. And definitely check out The League every Wednesday at 10:30PM on FXX!

What are the latest and greatest happenings with your character Taco MacArthur in this 5th season of “The League”?Well this year Taco has inherited a van from his late Uncle Frank, which means Taco Corp. finally has a headquarters. We all know that was the only thing holding him back. Many business ventures will be run out of the mobile enterprise. One such business is a food truck called “Taco’s Truck” that serves nothing but classic American fare.

Is he still planting “guest bongs” at his friend’s pads?Taco has planted too many guest bongs at his friends places. He no longer knows which objects are guest bongs and which aren’t.

You must be a pretty tight knit group on the show at this point. Do some fun shenanigans take place among you and your cast mates while filming?Yes, we always break out into pillow fights between takes, and once in a while we set a PA on fire just for laughs. It’s a really fun set to work on because there are no legal repercussions for anything.

At one point your character took up “naginata” a form of martial art. Do you enjoy practicing martial arts in your real life as well?Is watching TV a martial art? If it is then yes, I love martial arts.

What do you like to do when you have some down time?My whole life is down time. Up time is way too stressful for me.

Do you get to your hometown of Montreal very much?Yes I do, as often as I can. My whole family is back home. I’m the only sibling out of nine who lives not only on the west coast, but in the US as well. Needless to say it’s a bit of a strange feeling. I’m headed up there in a few weeks, actually.

Can you tell me what your most recent favorite selection of music might be?This is a REAL selection of what I’ve been listening to lately…-Elvis Presley’s Ultimate Gospel-Nirvana in Utero-Edward Sharpe’s new album-John Prine-Wu-Tang Forever-Lady Lamb The Beekeeper

What comedians past or present have influenced you most?“The Kids in the Hall” were pretty much my introduction to comedy as a young Canadian boy. They are a huge influence. Also Monty Python, George Carlin, SNL, Eddie Murphy, Peter Sellers, Eddie Izzard, Bill Hicks, “Dumb and Dumber”…

Comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, record producer and director…any new titles lately or any you’d like to spend more time doing?F16 pilot, World champion roller skater, amateur pyromaniac…I’d also like to be Batman, not in the movie, in real life.

-Tina Turnbow AKA "The Queen of Style"