Watch Seth Meyers Bring Jon Snow to a Dinner Party


Ever wonder what it might be like to host Jon Snow at a dinner party? Seth Meyers answered that question last night when he brought the bastard son of Ned Stark to a little shindig with some of his pals. Things didn't go so well: Despite copious amounts of wine, Snow was all gloom and doom, regaling the horrified guests with tales of beheadings, White Walkers, and of course, winter.

“You’re always talking about how you don’t have any friends and this is why,” Meyers tells Snow.

Eventually, they warm up to Snow's eccentricities, and he wins them over by reenacting the entire Game of Thrones saga. "That should be a series of books," one of the guests tells him. "I think it'd make a better TV show," Jon Snow responds. They're both right.