Joy Movie Trailer - Jennifer Lawrence Video

‘joy’ is going to be a joy

The first trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s latest collaboration with David O. Russell, Joy, didn’t give much away. It was wonderful, slightly neurotic, and riddled with sharp whispering, but the plot remained a mystery. The second trailer illuminates it more.

Here, we get a bit of the backstory for Lawrence’s character, which is based on an amalgamation of female entrepreneurs, including Joy Mangano. She was a stellar student, talented and bright, but backed by a support system banking on her idea’s failure. It’s a humanizing comedy about self-determination—the true American Dream. Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, of course, star alongside their O. Russell alum.

Joy is slated for a Christmastime release, just in time to pick up whatever spirits might’ve been, well, Scrooge’d along with all the good tidings.