Joyrich x The Simpsons

a collab so hot, it tastes like burning.

by steff yotka

Grab your Duff beer and cheers to the new collaboration from The Simpsons and Joyrich! For the second time, the cool clothing line is working with The Simpsons, a TV show you may have heard of that's celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

So what's new to collaboration number two? Bart Simpson everything. We're talking sweatshirts, T-shirts, a leather bomber jacket, a weekender bag, sweatpants, and one seriously crazy-cool fanny pack. We're pretty sure the clothing and accessories, available for guys and gals, would be Bart Simpson approved too. What's better for sneaking around and getting into trouble than comfy pants and a fanny pack? Nothing. 

The collection is launching on Joyrich's website later this month, so you have some time to strategically plan your shopping list. Use our slideshow to figure out which items to splurge on and check out the collection video below.