Photo by Mark Aghatise


J.Papa’s New Collection Is The Coziest Line You’ll Wear This Fall

A whole lotta velvet

As seasons change and temperatures drop, we turn to our fuzziest sweaters and warmest jackets for comfort. While old favorites will always hold a special place in our hearts (and our closets), it’s time to breathe some fresh air into our winter wardrobes. This is where the Brooklyn, New York-based, handmade fashion label J.Papa comes in.

The label’s latest collection just made its NYLONshop debut, making your fall-to-winter transition effortless with a slew of unique, '90s-inspired pieces.

We’ve put together some of our favorite new pieces to create looks that inspire comfy and cozy layering and are anything but lazy. Think: shimmering coats, frilly sleeves, and asymmetrical dresses galore. Sweet dreams are made of these wide-leg velvet flares. Throw on with a fuzzy cardigan, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate cozy-chic pairing.

Check out our favorites from the new collection, below, and head on over to NYLONshop to shop.

Photographer: Mark Aghatise

Stylist: Amber Bek

Hair and Makeup: Mika Shimoda

Model: Sienna at Major

Photo by Mark Aghatise

J.Papa, Stella Hoodie, $189, available at NYLONshopJ.Papa, Yasmeen Skirt, $279, available on NYLONshopFrio, Bright Blue Feather Jacket, $150, available at NYLONshop; Boots, stylists own.

Photo by Mark Aghatise

J.Papa, Eva Pants, $249, available at NYLONshopJ.Papa, Christy Sweater, $198, available at NYLONshopTeleport, Void Shoes, $139, available at NYLONshop.

Photo by Mark Aghatise

Melody Ehsani, ME x Reebok Chambray Jumpsuit, $99.95, available at NYLONshopSara Bailes, Kelsey Crop in White, $75, available on NYLONshopJ.Papa, Velvet Jacket, available at NYLONshop; White Boots, stylists own.

Photo by Mark Aghatise

Ragged Priest, Cotton Mouth Dress, $60, available at NYLONshop; Teleport, Void Shoes, $139, available at NYLONshopJ.Papa, long coat, available at NYLONshop.

Photo by Mark Aghatise

Teleport, Moonstone Bootie, $169, available at NYLONshop; Ragged Priest, Lovable Tee, stylists own; J.Papa, Naomi Dress, $298, available at NYLONshop.