These 6 Tips From Julia Child Will Help You Keep Your Cool In A Very Hot Kitchen

    You can stand the heat

    by · August 12, 2016

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    Whip out those candles and whip up that chocolate ganache frosting: August 15 is Julia Child’s birthday. The culinary hero, who brought French cooking to the Wonderbread-infested American kitchen, deserves constant celebration. She inspired a nation of home chefs to think outside the TV dinner box and embrace the notion that complicated cooking could actually be simple with the right tools and techniques.

    Of course, her birthday happens to coincide with the time of year when pre-heating ovens or turning stove burners to high, can mean the kitchen will soon match sauna-like temperatures (but feel nothing like a spa). It’s so hot that you can feel the burn from the steam of an accidentally charred baguette in your heart and break a sweat as you sit in your ACd living room watching Chopped. But it’s time to wipe that sweat from your brow! Julia Child is about to drop some wisdom on how to stay cool—at least mentally—in a hot kitchen. Because anyone who enters the kitchen can stand the heat.

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