14 Radiant Rubies To Ring In July Birthdays

“A drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth”

Move over, pearl. A new month is here, which means it’s time for a new birthstone to rule.

Those born in July have the honor of calling the ever-radiant and breathtakingly beautiful ruby their own. Not only is the sight of this vibrant red stone enough to have us starry-eyed, it’s actually considered the most valued gem of all—even more than the diamond.

The ruby has been referred to as the most precious of gems since ancient times, noted in both the Bible and ancient Sanskrit writings and referred to as “a drop of the heart’s blood of Mother Earth” in Orient. Valued not only for its obvious physical beauty, it’s long been thought to reap a number of benefits for its wearer, from encouraging passion, courage, and energy to promoting an overall love for life. It was even once believed that when a ruby was rubbed on the skin, youth and vitality would be restored. How’s that for an anti-aging skin-care regimen?

In honor of those celebrating birthdays this month, we rounded up 14 stunning pieces of ruby jewelry. Whether serving as a thoughtful gift to an important Cancer or Leo in your life or for yourself as a talisman to promote good fortune, click through the gallery below and prepare to be entranced.

Photo courtesy of I Like It Here Club

I Like It Here Club, The Coven Ring, $380, available at I Like It Here Club.

Photo courtesy of Esqueleto

Scosha, Edwardian Eye Stud, $470, available at Esqueleto.

Photo courtesy of Nordstrom

Marc Jacobs, Heart Stack Ring, $50, available at Nordstrom.

Photo courtesy of Wwake

Wwake, Arc Lineage Earrings, $260, available at Wwake.

Photo courtesy of Sydney Evan

Sydney Evan, Yellow Gold And Pave Ruby Matchstick Necklace, $925, available at Sydney Evan.

Photo courtesy of Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner, Engraved Wax Seal Stone Ring, $88, available at Erica Weiner.

Photo courtesy of Stone & Strand

Pamela Love, Ruby Oculus Pendant, $700, available at Stone & Strand.

Photo courtesy of Ochre Objects

Ochre Objects, Ruby Ovate Ring, $315, available at Ochre Objects.

Photo courtesy of Meira T

Meira T, Evil Eye Bracelet, $520, available at Meira T.

Photo courtesy of Barbela

Barbela, Ruby Rio Earrings, $165, available at Barbela.

Photo courtesy of Selin Kent

Selin Kent, Galana Chain Stud With Ruby, $375, available at Selin Kent.

Photo courtesy of Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride x Iconery, Diamond And Ruby Necklace, $825, available at Stone Fox Bride.

Photo courtesy of Opening Ceremony

Yi Collection, Ruby Ring, $135, available at Opening Ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Shahla Karimi

Shahla Karimi, 14K Gold Birthstone Threader, $315, available at Shahla Karimi.