Juno Temple’s Curly Hair Tips

the answer was…

Just a few days before the U.S. release of Juno Temple and Daniel Radcliffe's new film Horns (in theaters everywhere this Halloween), we sat down with the wild-haired British actress to chat anti-heroes, awesome jewelry, and whether or not she'd date a guy with horns.

Before I ask Temple (whose cat-eye eyeliner is completely impeccable) which jewelry brands she wore to the U.K. Horns premiere (because I am totally obsessed with it) and whether or not she'd let a guy with horns pick up the dinner bill, I want to know if she thinks Daniel Radcliffe's character, lg, is a good person or a bad person. "Definitely a good person," says Temple of her on-screen boyfriend (a guy who wakes up hungover and has horns protruding from his head—been there, sort of). I can't say her answer is too surprising since the whole plot is basically about Radcliffe's search for his dead girlfriend's (played by Temple) killer. Yet, hunt may or may not come a little easier once lg sprouts (along with the horns) a special power to force anyone to unravel their deepest secrets and desires. So yes, I'd imagine his poor murdered girlfriend would think he's great, even from the grave.

The entire story is all based on Joe Hill's novel of the same name. Is playing a pre-crafted character, written specifically for a book, different than playing one that was born for the silver screen? "When you’re playing a character from a movie, you’re doing it with the director’s idea of the film," Temple informs, "You’re always trying to do the book justice and be respectful of it, but also it’s another vision on top of the book. I think it’s important to treat it like any other character in the sense that you’re playing that person and you want to bring them to life in the right way and put everything you’ve got into it. The biggest compliment you can get is if the author of the book tells you did a good job. I was in a film called Atonement and Ian McEwan came up to me and told me I did a good job with the character Lola, and I was like '!'"

When it comes to Temple's Horns character, Merrin Williams, we're thinking she has done its original author proud just as she did for McEwan. The same is to be said for Radcliffe's performance of lg, one of the newest anti-heroes to hit the big screen this year. I ask Temple who her favorite anti-hero of all time might be, and she replies with Beetlejuice. “I love Beetlejuice,” says the 25-year-old, which totally makes sense seeing as Temple herself is a major indie darling—complete with hair she doesn't try to tame and jewelry from designers you've probably never heard about.

“I love Beetlejuice.”

When it comes to those jewelry designers in particular, Temple fills us in on who her favorites are, "Actually my godmother, she’s called Scarlet King. She makes all of these amazing vintage bracelets. You go and pick out the charms and she puts them together. She makes these great vintage necklaces and earrings out of all these vintage charms. They are absolutely exquisite. Bulgari, I love their rings. They have the best rings. The first piece of jewelry that I ever bought for myself that was expensive, I went in and spent £175 on a Chanel ring, which, at the time was very tacky and glitzy, but it looks vintage now. I’ve worn it so much. It’s the best, I love it. Everything’s better once it’s been a bit loved and used." I compliment the jewelry she's worn to our interview and she informs me they're her own, pointing out one in particular, "This was my grandma’s that I was given on my 21st birthday."

"Everything’s better once it’s been a bit loved and used."

As for not taming her curly hair, I asked the Little Birds starlet what her go-to tips are for curly gals.


1. Don’t wash it too often.

2. Let it be wild.

3. Don’t wear too much makeup with curly hair; Either you go all out with full glitter and madness—super ‘70s—or as little makeup as possible.

"Would I date a boy with horns? Yeah, totally."

Chatting with Juno Temple feels more like having a convo with a friend than a world-famous actress, and these tips feel more like tips for one of my upcoming dates, rather than tricks for a fanbase of millions. So, I'm guessing if Temple were to go on a date, this is the beauty routine she'd follow. And if that date were to be with someone who suddenly grew horns on their head IRL? I can't say I'd go, but Temple would, "Would I date a boy with horns? Yeah, totally. I’m not all about aesthetics. You’d always be able to notice him, at a festival, any music show, any subway." However, would she date a guy who could uncover her deepest darkest secrets? "Not if they had those powers. I think everyone should have their secret desires be personal and private. I don’t want to know other people’s unless they want to tell me. Especially when its being forced out of you. I mean, it’s super helpful when you’re trying to figure out the murder your dead girlfriend...."

Horns hits theaters everywhere tomorrow.