Watch Now: The Jurassic World Trailer Is Here

watch the “jurassic world” trailer now!

Just because you can make a sequel to a beloved film series, doesn't always mean you should. But, when it comes to Chris Pratt and tons of dinosaurs in the latest Jurassic Park movie sequel, we say "Go, Spielberg, go!" (Only this time, he's an executive producer and not the director).

14 years after the release of Jurassic Park III, the fourth installment in the classic sci-fi adventure series is coming next year in the form of Jurassic World. Today, though, we'll get a first look at the film through its official trailer, which features Chris Pratt and a genetically modified dino-monster. In the film, we'll all take a wild return to Isla Nublar, where dinosaur theme park "Jurassic World" is a successfully opened wonderland. Things inevitably go sour when the scientists behind the park get a little cocky and the hybrid dinosaur they create runs loose and terrorizes the island. "Probably not a good idea,” says Pratt's character, Owen, in the recently released clip. And, yeah, he may be right, but we'd still totally pay to see Pratt and some dinos in 3-D.

Watch the trailer below for Jurassic World (out June 16, 2015) and find our favorite moments (and memes) from the series' history in the gallery above.