Justin Bieber And DJ Snake Finally Debut The “Let Me Love You” Music Video

Let me watch you

It's here! Do you beliebe it? It. Is. Here. The "Let Me Love You" music video!

As a late appreciator of Justin Bieber and DJ Snake's collaboration, I, for one, am excited. Bieber's sweet, sweet voice just really does it for me, you know? He's pulling the heartstrings here and DJ Snake's production, for three transcendental minutes or so, makes you believe that Bieber wants to love me you. (Let him!)

Anyway, yes, the video is here, and it's like a Black Mirror episode set to blissful dance-pop. Unfortunately, the delicate but strong flower that is The Beebz does not make an appearance. Instead, a couple hell-bent on robbery and fraud speed past cops and into a pheromone-induced stupor. Or, do they? Drama! The virtual reality metaphor and it's connection with the song is lost on me, but it's no matter. It's just another excuse to hear Bieber beg to share his love.