Justin Bieber Just Gave Us The World’s Sexiest Yule Log

warm yourself by the light of Bieber

What makes the Purpose Yule log sexier than all other Yule logs (including this one)? Simple. It’s Bieber.

Yes, just sprinkle a dash of Bieber on any old digital shot of log in any old roaring fireplace—which is pretty much exactly what Justin Bieber’s online team did—and you’ve got an ovary-rumbling situation (well, in theory, at least). Witness above a flaming hearth where instead of the crackling of embers, one can hear the hormone-tickling sounds of Justin Bieber’s Purpose along with several other songs of the singer’s choosing. It’s over 65 minutes worth of audio/visual entertainment designed to warm all parts of your body and soul.

Is there more to the Purpose Yule log then meets the eye? No. What more would one need? It is a complete piece of digital ephemera that needs no further adornment or explanation. It is whole. It is perfect. It is sexy.

Click play, enjoy, and have a happy holiday.

(Via Teen Vogue)