Justin Timberlake Birthday Playlist

celebrate jt’s birthday by belting out his best songs.

by steff yotka

Forgte Christmas. Ditch Halloween. Say "bye" to your birthday. The most important day of the year is today because today is Justin Timberlake's birthday.

Now for anyone who just rolled their eyes and made the way to the "close tab" button, let me explain to you why Justin Timberlake is awesome. He started as a small time country singer in Memphis, appeared on Star Search, which segued into a spot on The Mickey Mouse Club (alongside Ryan Gosling, see below), that snowballed into a career with 'N Sync. Then he broke out into a solo artist who has managed to perform in almost every genre of music: pop, rap, R&B, country, blues... you name it, JT has probably won an award in it. He's also a great actor, and probably the best recurring guest star SNL has ever had. But whatever, those are just career accolades. The real reason I worship JT is because he once attended an award show in a matching denim tuxedo with Britney Spears and has managed to not only retain, but also gain credibility since that point. That's the most impressive thing I've ever heard. 

So I'll be celebrating today by belting out "Tearing Up My Heart" and "Cry Me A River" all day at my desk, and I suggest you do the same. It's probably what JT is doing right now, to be honest. Except he's doing it with Jimmy Fallon and Jay Z.