Justin Timberlake Inside Llewyn Davis

see justin timberlake go folk in this clip from inside llewyn davis.

by steff yotka

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be in the studio with Justin Timberlake, this new clip from the Coen brothers' new movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, might illuminate that for you.

In the movie, set in 1961 New York, Timberlake plays Jim, a folk singer with a recording contract who functions as the "mainstream" counterpart to protagonist Llewyn Davis, played by Oscar Isaac. The clip below shows the two, along with Adam Driver (who is quite the baritone), recording one of Jim's pop-folk hits, "Please Mr. Kennedy." Just try to watch it and not laugh. I dare you. No, I double dare you. 

Check it out below and keep your eyes p-p-p-peeled for our review of the movie coming later this week!