Photo courtesy of ST.ART

St. Art’s Kamilla Sun Tracks Down Graffiti Gurus Everywhere

This model-turned-consultant has a thing for street art

Based on the amount of graffiti-covered walls we stop to pose in front of every day, it’s safe to say we love our local artists for their immense creativity and ability to make our neighborhoods livelier. However, tracking these artists down for bigger jobs is pretty difficult when all one has for reference is a street signature on the bottom of a wall mural. This is where ST.ART comes in.

ST.ART is an agency that links these urban artists with companies and individuals seeking to deck out commercial, residential, and office spaces with custom artwork. Whether they're tapped to create wall-to-wall murals or to oversee the entire artistic direction of a music festival, it's ST.ART's job to make sure it gets done smoothly.

Thanks to founder Kamilla Sun, the street art world is no longer far from reach. Born in Russia, Sun immigrated to the U.S. in pursuit of creative freedom. Only after art residencies in both Miami and New York, a modeling career, and years of travel did she find her true calling giving street artists an opportunity for bigger projects. Get to know this entrepreneur and see some of her agency’s work in the gallery below.

If you want to check out some more of their projects, you can browse their Instagram page or simply search the hashtag #WeAreStart.

Photo courtesy of ST.ART

What inspired you to launch ST.ART?

Growing up in Russia, there was no such thing as street art. When I moved to the U.S. eight years ago, I first lived in Miami and worked in the art galleries of Wynwood, where you can’t travel a single mile without seeing some spectacular mural on the walls. The street art movement there instantly grabbed my attention. Still, I found that street art is undervalued around the world and its significance is not justified. I love the movement and wanted to contribute to the community by helping artists find ways to express themselves freely—and get paid for it.

Photo courtesy of ST.ART

What does ST.ART bring to the table that differs from other artistic or creative agencies?

As of now, clients who are interested in street art don’t know how to get a hold of an artist. Being in the art industry for a long time, I know where to look for remarkable contemporary artists. We select the best artists for the job, who are professionals and have worked with this medium for many years. We also undertake full responsibilities of logistics and production of the project until the work is complete and the client is satisfied.

Photo courtesy of ST.ART

How would you describe your artists’ aesthetic?

Our artists are very diverse in their styles, and each has a very unique skillset. We have artists who paint with stencils, like Nick Walker, artists who are hyper-realistic painters, like Jorit Agoch, and graphic abstract artists, like Rubin415. These are just some that first come to mind; many other highly skilled artists work with us to produce some amazing designs.

Photo courtesy of ST.ART

What’s your strategy for facilitating the collaborations between artists and clients?

When clients approach us, we take our time to understand their vision for the project. Sometimes, and more often, our clients are not sure of what design they want. So we'll research about their brand, their inspirations, location, budget, and other related information to sketch an accurate image of what the client needs. From there, we figure out the right artists for the project. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for the both parties.

Photo by Brandon Shigeta

What is the best part of your job?

Everything! The creativity, the everyday challenges, the people we work with, the process, the diversity of the projects, the excitement of the delivered product... Every time, it’s like creating magic. My work is pure pleasure for me.

Photo courtesy of ST.ART

Is there any advice you have lived by or has carried you thus far?

Once, I read a quote which said, "Live the life that you will want to repeat in the end." That’s my mentality; I simply follow my heart, even it seems like the most irrational and insane idea. I’m not afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone, even if it looks scary at first. If you want something, it will all fall together—just take the first step and watch the universe burst into motion to help you achieve it.