Watch Rare Footage of Kim and Kanye Acting in a Puppet Show

and love is born

A recent Internet archeological dig has revealed this rare relic from 2008, a bizarre video that among other things, features Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dressed in Star Wars gear and acting in what feels like a hip-hop version of The Muppet Show. Academics have been studying this footage for years, and their findings indicate that this was behind-the-scenes clip for a failed Comedy Central sketch show pilot called Alligator Boots.

Though it often does it seem like it, Kanye West is a well-known comedy fan. He notoriously tried to launch a Curb Your Enthusiam-style comedy for HBO that has to be seen to be believed, and Alligator Boots, which West produced with some friends, seems like another attempt at getting into the laugh business. Needless to say, it failed.

The footage with Kim is a rare look at their friendship before the two fell in love in 2012, and this moment in their lives did not figure into Kim's recent retelling of their wondrous path to true love. Kanye, ever the charmer, says in the footage that he wants Kim to appear in a Princess Leia costume "because, you know, Kim Kardashian's ass is just perfect." Why he wanted to appear in  Stormtrooper armor we're not quite sure, but our assumption is that Kim Kardashian's posterior is also somehow involved.