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best dressed: kate bosworth

forget gold, go for silver!

by steff yotka

The most common holiday fashion trend is glitter. By the time Black Friday rolls around every sweater, shoe, and cocktail dress available is a shiny one meant to up the holiday cheer from the outside in. Usually this makes me want to wear all matte black in protest and throw on my moodiest Wednesday Addams face, but after seeing Kate Bosworth's super-sparkly outfit, I'm coming around a new way of thinking of about the holiday glitz.

Bosworth opted for an all-silver look at the Las Vegas premiere of Homefront, and while it's definitely daring, it totally works because of her low-key ponytail and subtle makeup. Turns out the secret to going for the glittery factor is to keep your hair and makeup the same as if you were wearing a T-shirt and jeans--even if you're wearing a Fendi dress and Christian Louboutins like Bosworth.

Test this theory by trying out our sparkly picks below and wearing them with the same nonchalance you'd wear your trackies. 

MUST: Missguided Silver Dress -- $52.80

TRUST: Swarovski Chandelier Earings -- $160

LUST: B Brian Atwood Silver Pumps -- $325