Kate Nash Rodnik Snoopy Song

what happens when your new music inspiration is snoopy? this track for rodnik.

by rebecca willa davis

Separating Rodnik the brand from Rodnik the band is hard--since launching the pop art-inspired line, Philip Colbert has illustrated just how closely tied the two are. Which might explain why musicians from Rita Ora to Kate Nash have been spotted donning his designs (and It Girls like Peaches Geldof have taken to the runway to soundtrack his presentations).

So we shouldn't be totally surprised that when it came time to launch his new line of Peanuts-inspired gear, he'd get a little musical accompaniment with the help of super-fan Nash. The Brit musician penned a song about the makings of the collaboration, performing it just once. "I went to his studio and got a bunch of super cool, unique pieces to bring on my American tour, which is when Philip brought up the idea of writing a Snoopy song for his latest collection," she remembers. "I got back from tour and just went for it!"

The end result is an instantly catchy, completely charming ode that is as much a reflection of Nash as it is of Colbert--not to mention that cute little dog. As Nash puts it, "I wanted to do justice to both Snoopy and the Rodnik brand. I was going for cartoony and pop, but wanted everything I said about Snoopy in the song to be true--so this song is like a monologue by Snoopy convincing Rodnik to work with him and create the finest clothing collection in all the world!"

Colbert would have to agree: "I love the mix of fashion and music, and think this wee collab shows the potential real power in creatively making fashion and music in the same spirit."

Couldn't make it to the launch party where Nash performed the tune? Don't worry--we've got the exclusive premiere right here. No reason to shout good grief this time....