Photographer Kate Owen Blurs The Lines Of Fashion And Art In Her Latest Shoot

    Stunning background, great fashion, GIFS, it’s the whole package

    by · October 21, 2016

    Photos by Kate Owen, GIF by Samantha Shannon. Dress by DKNY, T-shirt stylist’s own, Boots by Doc Marten, Sunglasses by Calvin Klein.

    Kate Owen isn’t afraid to blur the line between photos and paintings. Her work combines the elements of movement, energy, and color, and nowhere is that mash-up more obvious—and alluring—than her latest shoot.

    Drawing inspiration from the works of artists like Ellsworth Kelly’s progressive use of color and shapes and James Turrell’s ability to create seemingly three-dimensional objects using light, Owen channeled these two creatives for the intriguing backdrops. “Using large block shapes, cutouts, and shadow, the set quickly took on a life of its own,” she tells us of the process. “Full of movement and with a certain musicality, the images are simultaneously hectic and fluid.”

    The clothes are obviously the focal point of the shots. A navy blue set of overalls blends in with the black-and-white background, a pair of black sequin culottes helps add texture, and a red silk dress placed over a vintage tee is snapped in flight. The pieces stand out without being distracting, starkly complementing Owen’s overall theme: motion.

    Of course, nothing encompasses movement quite like video. Owen joined forces with film director and video artist Sam Shannon to amplify the shots by transforming them into GIFs. “By combining elements of moving and still imagery with abstract shapes and colors, we can transform a single shot into something with a life of its own,” Owen says.

    Check out the stunning spread ahead.

    Photographer: Kate Owen Gifs: Samantha ShannonStylist: Andrea Messier Cuomo Set Design: Chris Murdoch Hair: Clara Leonard Makeup: Miriam Robstad Models: Nadia Araujo at Marilyn Agency and Elena Azzaro at Fusion Models

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