Kate Winslet Seduces Liam Hemsworth in ‘The Dressmaker Trailer’

get it, girl

We love what we're seeing in the new trailer for a movie called The Dressmaker. Finally, after a disturbing number of young actresses being romantically paired with older actors in movie after movie—*cough* Woody Allen *cough*—Kate Winslet gets hers in the form of Liam Hemsworth, in this quirky Australian dramedy. The premise goes something like this: Kate Winslet plays Myrtle "Tilly" Dunnage, who comes home to her small Australian town to take care of her ailing mother, years after leaving in disgrace over (probably false) accusations of murder. Once back, she will use her skills as a maker of dresses to seek revenge on the townfolk who wronged her, how exactly remains unclear. But director Jocelyn Moorhouse has described the film as "Unforgivenwith a sewing machine," so, there will be stiches.  

We are so there.