Brave Soul Katie Holmes Tries Dancing Like Beyoncé On National TV

Watch her get in formation

In her bravest move since marrying Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes appeared on The Tonight Show the other night, and like the rest of America, the only thing on her mind was Beyoncé's time-stopping Super Bowl performance. You know the one. Holmes told Jimmy Fallon that she coudn't catch the big game because she was too busy taking cooking classes with Suri, but did rush to a friend's apartment in time to catch Bey sing "Formation" live for the very first time. But unlike you and your lame friends, Katie Holmes and her awesome friends all stood up and started dancing along, "as though we were a part of it," she said. That's when Fallon, whose viral senses were spinning off the charts, practically begged Holmes to get up and do some of her best Beyoncé moves. Lucky for us, she did just that.