Katy Perry Gets Raw In Her Video For “Bon Appétit”

Yum or yuck?

Most of us were hoping that we'd be hearing the last of "Bon Appétit" last month, but Katy Perry simply couldn't let us off the hook. Today, she dropped the music video for the lyrically graphic single. There is a lot to unpack, so let's get started. (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

The Dent De Cuir-directed visual opens with a neon NSFW sign before we see a sleeping Perry packaged in a bed like a piece of meat in a refrigerator. Next, a group of chefs barge in and start tearing off the plastic she's wrapped in, to prep her for the next course.

After she gets tossed in some flour and rubbed up on, the men carry Perry to head chef Roy Choi's kitchen for seasoning. Once she's spent enough time boiling in a pot full of broth and vegetables, she gets her tongue burned by a blow torch and her long, blonde boxer braids chopped off. Alas, the finishing touches have been made, and she's ready to go to the club where Migos wait upstairs for her call.

Obviously, everyone in the club wants a piece of the pop star, but Perry has another dish on the menu, revenge. Migos flip a switch, a stripper pole emerges from the middle of the table, and the chefs take out the dinner guests one by one. At the end, Perry gets her Raw on as she's served a pie made up of body parts. How very Titus Andronicus.

Perry's caption on Instagram really sets the tone for the video: "Hot and ready to serve but make no mistake I'm not your piece of [meat]." Sexual liberation tastes good! Watch the whole video, if you can stomach it, above.