Watch Katy Perry Handle A “Rolling” Fan Like The Boss She Is

who was allegedly on molly

Audience interaction is always a gamble, but, as you can see in the video above, Katy Perry likes to play the odds. During her stand at last week’s Rock in Rio concert in Brazil, Perry invited a highly enthusiastic young fan to join her on stage and pretty much 50 percent of everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Perry, however, used it as just another opportunity to show us that she’s not only a consummate pro, but perhaps even more gifted as a comedian than she is a singer.

The young lady, Rayane (“Hi-ya-ya-ya” by Perry’s account) was “rolling” (again, Perry’s words) and proceeded to lick the singer’s neck, worship her like a multicolored sun goddess, and lick her some more. These are all understandable responses, though they could be troublesome for a less-composed performer. Not only did Perry turn this potential hot mess into a wonderful moment, but learned how to say “pizza” in Portuguese (spolier: it’s “pizza”).

Hit play to see how a real pro does it.

(via Perez Hilton)