Katy Perry Walking On Air

who’s ready for a monday night ’90s-style rave?

by grace van vranken

Katy Perry's new song "Walking On Air" is unlike anything we have heard from her before. You may not shed a tear like you do every time during the chorus of "Roar," or think of the Kardashian family music video as you do with "ET." Rather, with its '90s style techno house beats and catchy chorus (this is an actual line from the song: "There's disco in paradise, even heaven is jealous of our love / Yes, we make angels cry, raining down on earth from up above"), this track is definitely taking us back. 

How far back? Well, we listened to the song a few times on repeat and came up with the top five places we definitely think "Walking on Air" would fit in.

1. As the bonus track on Robyn's 1993 debut album Robyn Is Here.

2. At the Chris McMillan Salon circa 1995, when Jennifer Aniston got her now-iconic haircut, the Rachel.

3. Bumping through the speakers of every club in Ibiza during the period between 1996 and 2001.

4. In Miley Cyrus' childhood bedroom, pre-Hannah Montana, where she first discovered that she could twerk.

5. At just about every Sephora store today--it's always like a dance party in there.

Listen to the track below and let us know on Facebook and Twitter where else you'd imagine hearing it!