Keaton Henson Delicately Breaks Down ‘Kindly Now’

    The only way he knows how

    by · September 16, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Keaton Henson

    Though soft-spoken in nature, English folk singer Keaton Henson has kept extra quiet in the two years since he dropped his last EP, Romantic Works. During that time, the 28-year-old artist released his debut collection of poetry, Idiot Verse, and mastered the art of orchestration and arrangement.

    Learning these skills led to him scoring the forthcoming Balletboyz’ feature-length Young Men with the BBC and a collaboration with the BBC Concert Orchestra. At some point, Henson had time on his hands to also work with Ryan Hemsworth and Mitski for the Adult Swim Singles series.

    Kindly Now marks his third full-length body of music in his solo catalogue. Within the 12 bittersweet tunes, Henson examines the ghosts of love’s past, the inner workings of self-destruction, and the role that artists play in society.

    Since Henson doesn’t go about promoting his records in a conventional manner, he didn’t want to just share the inspiration behind every track on this album. Instead, he painted original pictures for each tune so you can have a unique, art-based immersive listening experience.

    Kindly Now is available to stream via Spotify. Lose yourself in the creative whirlwind of Henson’s mind in the gallery, below.

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