Listen To Kehlani’s New Song “CRZY”

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At 21 years old, Kehlani has emerged as one of the most powerful, explosive forces in the music industry. Her debut, You Should Be Here, was nominated for the Grammys' Best Contemporary Urban Album category, and she has become a powerful advocate for mental health and suicide prevention after recovering from her own attempt earlier this year. Now, with her new single, "CRZY," the singer is once again declaring her position as the queen of R&B innovation.

With "CRZY," Kehlani directly confronts her journey and declares that her experiences have made her even more of a force. "All the shit I been through only made me more of an assassin," she sings. The accompanying artwork reinforces that sentiment, displaying an illustrated version of her "That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger" tattoo. While others may call her crazy, she's going to respond with compassion and channel her "crazy" to make some great art. 

Lyrics like "I got it, I got it, I got it and you gonna respect it/ Ain't nothing, ain't nothing gon stop me from makin' it happen" become quickly engrained in the listener's mind, and are bound to become a solid part of pop culture marker. And with its rhythmic background and synth backbone, it's guaranteed that you'll hear this song on every hangout and party playlist this summer.

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