Kelela Has Sex With Her Hair In Dazzling New Video

“Blue Light” is the latest single from ‘Take Me Apart’

Kelela is one of the most exciting artists out right now. Take Me Apart is easily in the top five best albums of the year—a major feat given that it’s her debut. Today, she released her second visual from the project, and it’s just as engrossing as everything else she’s put out so far.

The singer is the focal point of the Helmi-directed video for “Blue Light.” She's placed in front of an icy blue backdrop and wearing a contrasting yellow dress. As the song progresses, her dreadlocks start to grow and snake around her. They eventually become her only source of coverage, completely engulfing her shimmering naked body—weaving around her neck, eyes, and chest. Who knew locs could be so… sensual?

Kelela did, obviously. “Watch me have sex wit my hair in the Blue Light video,” she tweeted out earlier this morning. We’re ready when you are.

Check out “Blue Light,” above. Just make sure to watch until the end.