Kellyanne Conway Banned From MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’

The lies are finally catching up to her

by daniel barna

Kellyanne Conway might want to start looking for a new day job. On Wednesday, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski said that Donald Trump's most famous counselor is no longer welcome on the popular MSNBC morning show due to her lack of credibility. "I won’t do it because I don’t believe in fake news or information that’s not true,” Brzezinski said on the air. “Every time I’ve ever seen her on television, something is askew, off, or incorrect.”

Brzezinski also revealed that Conway frequently tries to book herself on the show via text message, in an attempt to stay relevant despite the fact that she's no longer in Trump's inner circle. "She’s out of the loop, she’s in none of the key meetings,” co-host Joe Scarborough said in response. “She doesn’t know, she doesn’t have the information.”

Of all the members of Trump's administration, it's Conway who's inspired the most criticism, frustration, and flat-out anger from her detractors. But her loose relationship with the truth—Conway is the one who coined the now infamous term "alternative facts"—appeared to reach a nadir on Monday when NBC's Matt Lauer called her out for "not making any sense."

"I don’t even think she’s saying things she knows to be untrue, she’s just saying things just to get in front of a TV set and prove her relevance,” Scarborough added. “Because behind the scenes, she’s not in these meetings.”

It remains to be seen if other news networks follow MSNBC's lead, but for the sake of all our sanity, let's hope they do.