Kendall Jenner is the New Estee Lauder Girl

+ she has her own ‘vogue’ editorial!

With a face like Kendall Jenner's, we're not surprised that iconic cosmetics brand Estée Lauder has chosen the model and socialite to be the new face of their brand. Not only will the beauty queen be appearing in new ad campaigns, but you can also get a sneak peek right now into why Estée Lauder chose Jenner specifically. Find it all on their all-Kendall-everything page right here. Check out the video below to see a baby Kendall putting on her own makeup in a home video, find Kendall's picks for her favorite Estée Lauder products, and see just why she's so excited to be the new face of the brand—and we're thinking it's way more than just the fact that she'll probably be getting free lipstick for life.

But, the Kardashians' little sister officially becoming a modern beauty icon is not the only next big thing for Kendall. News also just broke that she's got her own solo Vogue editorial, and the photos are seriously amaze (check out two of our favorites in the gallery above). With both a beauty deal and a spread in Vogue, it looks like Kendall's big moment is happening right now.

(via Fashion Rogue and NY Mag)

photo courtesy of vogue
photo courtesy of vogue