Photo via Instagram/@kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner Shuts Down Speculation That She Shaded Kacey Musgraves

It’s all good

by Sandra Song

Turns out things are all good between supermodel Kendall Jenner and country star Kacey Musgraves after a slight misunderstanding that led fans to believe the two weren't happy with each other.

Last Thursday, Jenner shared a photo of herself drinking tea in lingerie on a rooftop. However, many speculated that Jenner purposefully blurred out Musgraves's face on a billboard in the background in an act of attempted shade. Things weren't helped after Musgraves reposted the photo on her Instagram stories and, in a subsequent post, blurred out Jenner's face.

Jenner quickly responded to the rumors. "yoooo, I was working all day and didn't edit this photo!" she wrote above a fan retweet. "Kacey is literally my fuckin fav! Space cowboy, I Miss You, Keep it to yourself, FOLLOW YOUR ARROW!! bangers!! ask anyone of my homies i die for her!" 

And it seems that Musgraves didn't really mind the initial "shade" too much. On her own Twitter, she responded to Jenner's refutation, writing, "Aww..thanks @KendallJenner. It’s allll good!" 

Case closed.