Kendall Jenner’s Left Shark Beats Kylie Jenner’s Wheelchair Robot

because, duh

So, about that Kylie Jenner Interview Magazine cover: We have thoughts. Actually, we have thoughts on thoughts. We’re sure you have thoughts too.

For a moment, though, let’s hold those thoughts (or all thoughts, actually) and look at what’s going on with Kylie’s sister, Kendall, who’s now appearing in LOVE Magazine’s holiday advent calendar. As you can see in the video here and the actual calander image, she’s kind of dressed like a hammerhead version of the legendary Left Shark—a sexy Left Shark. 

Now, this isn’t a contest between the two sisters, but without even looking at the images, you’d have to admit that Sexy Left Shark beats Sexy Wheelchair Robot in concept alone. After actually studying them we can admit that, yes, Steven Klein’s brilliant technical execution is beautiful—but then again, sexy Left Shark!

Seriously, though, if this is just the first day of LOVE’s month-long advent calendar, we’re going to have to keep a tag open and refresh it constantly. Good job and kudos all around.

(Via LOVE)