Kendall And Kylie Jenner Release A Strange New Video

insert lynch reference here

If there's one thing the last little while has taught us, it's that Kendall and Kylie Jenner love getting attention, and we love giving it to them. They have their method perfected down to a science—just be—and have created an abstract short film geared toward teenage mallgoers to prove it.

To promote their upcoming PacSun line (out February 27), the sisters put out this video that has them staring blankly into the camera, sitting despondently in a marble bathtub, admiring themselves in a mirror, enjoying a psychotic breakdown next to a broken chandelier, and last but not least, pretending to talk into a powder blue rotary phone. With the ominous score and strobe-like shots, it seems like the Jenners (and the PacSun marketing team) were going for a David Lynch meets Stephen King vibe. But without the help of a really skilled director (like say, David Lynch) the ad falls a bit flat.

This certainly isn't the first odd video the sisters have released. Back in November, they created a wolf-filled American Horror Story-esque ad for their PacSun holiday line. Maybe for their next spot they'll recreate Blair Witch Project? Here's hoping.