What Does It Mean To Be Courageous?

Let Corinne Foxx and Casil McArthur tell you

by NYLON x Kenneth Cole

Courage is something you're born with, but it takes nurturing and time to find it within yourself. Just like you hone and practice self-care, you hone your courage. From there, that sense of purpose, that drive, and that confidence entwines itself with every fiber of your being—style and all.

Both Casil McArthur and Corinne Foxx know a thing or two about what it takes to be courageous. They are, after all, two members of Kenneth Cole's new Courageous Class. Foxx and McArthur are models but they're also activists. As an ambassador for the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Girl Up! advocate, Foxx champions challenging the stigma surrounding anxiety and mental illness while uplifting women around the world through positive education opportunities, health initiatives, and leadership skills. McArthur is transgender and has plans to start his own charity that gives the support the transgender community needs, like helping those who cannot afford the necessary hormones and/or surgeries get them. Courage, you could say, is ingrained in these two.

"Trust that you know what is best for who you are as an individual," McArthur says. "Never, ever, ever, ever let anybody ever make you feel less because of how you present to the world." Long story short: Dare to live your truth. That's the most courageous thing you can do.

Directed: Daniel Huskey and Ren PottsEdited:Maddy TaliasSound:Drew JoyStyled:Paul FredrickMakeup: Liz OlivierHair: Ashley Rubell