Listen To Kesha And Zedd’s New Song “True Colors”

“True Colors”

While Kesha's long, highly publicized lawsuit with her former producer Dr. Luke is still ongoing, today we got a glimmer of hope: Kesha's first song in three years (her last independent project was her 2013 EP, Deconstructed) has surfaced on the Internet, a day ahead of its intended release. "True Colors" was made with Zedd, and is a rerecording of the EDM artist's song (the vocals were originally by Rock Mafia's Tim James). Not only does the epic ballad mark a massive sonic change for the singer, but its lyrics also serve as a symbol for her battle against Dr. Luke, who she accused of sexual, emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

"I won't apologize for the fire in my eyes," she sings in the chorus. "Let me show you my true colors; it ain't your rainbow." Later, she continues, "Something tells me I know nothing at all. I've escaped my capture and I have no master. And somehow it's like I've waited all my life."

As you may remember, Kesha and Zedd first linked up after a judge denied the singer's injunction against her alleged abuser, when Zedd tweeted, "Very very sorry to hear about your whole situation. I'll be happy to produce a song for you if you want my help." Kesha performed the song on stage with Zedd during his Coachella set. As Zedd wrote on Twitter, the pair had permission to record and release the song.

Kesha wrote in an Instagram caption, "It's a miracle when someone gives you a chance at finding your voice again with no reason other than that he is a fucking beautiful person with a heart of gold @zedd." We hope to see more from the pair soon.