photo via kester black


cult-favorite australian nail polish line now available in the u.s.

meet kester black

About a year ago, I was sent a Bellabox—a curated subscription box of Australian beauty products. Nestled within it was just about the prettiest, most vibrant purple nail polish I'd ever seen, by a brand I'd never heard of: Kester Black. After the first time I wore it, I was hooked: The 5-free, vegan polish goes on smoothly and doesn't chip for days. Plus, I actually got compliments on the color everywhere I went—that's how bright and shiny it was.

So, obviously, I found Kester Black online and sent them an email, desperate to know more about this single nail polish that was brightening my week. I got a disappointing response back: The small, indie nail polish line wasn't available in the U.S. Figures, right? Of course something so great wouldn't be easy to find. Since then, I've been rationing it out, only using my Kester Black for special occasions. 

Okay, so that's the backstory. Now, I can tell you the news: Kester Black is officially available stateside, from Seed To Serum. At $20 a bottle, it's no bargain polish, but then again, you really get what you pay for here. The always on-trend shades are sustainably made in small batches, and you don't have to worry about any nasty chemicals or animal cruelty going into them. It's generally hard to find high-quality formulas that meet those qualifications, but Kester Black has it figured out. 

It's only a matter of time before this nail polish is available everywhere, but until then, go grab a bottle and enjoy having the prettiest nails everywhere you go.