editor's pick: snap happy

    our favorite '00s phrase makes a comeback.

    by katherine martinez · June 26, 2014

    There's nothing better than a little good middle school lingo on a graphic tee to make you feel really old and awesome.  There were so many good things about "Oh snap," but we only have room to highlight a few. First of all, the phrase essentially allowed you to curse without getting detention.  For example:

    Teacher: "Please pass forward your Catcher in the Rye book reviews."

    Me: "OH SNAP! I totes forgot they were due today."  

    Secondly, it could be accompanied by a physical punctuating gesture, namely, the snap.  Again, nothing you could get in trouble for there---- if anything, it put you on par with Carelton from The Fresh Prince [insert snappy dance].

    Finally----- it was the booming chorus of the 00's pop classic, "London Bridge."  Fergie would be nothing without "oh snap."

    This tank top represents an important piece of history---- wear it well! 

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