Kiiara Has Way Too Many “Feels” In Her New Video

Wake up and watch the house fall apart

Kiiara is the future of pop. "Gold," her debut single, is a minimal, glitched-out party anthem that sounds unlike any other party anthem before it. (It just goes to show you don't need a booming bass to keep the vibes flowing.) Her EP, low kii savage, follows suit and pushes the 21-year-old's sound into more adventurous, electronic, and experimental territories. "Feels," the EP's latest single, does so with aplomb.

"Feels" is the comedown to "Gold's" turn-up. Director Andrew Donoho, the name behind the 2016 Best Rock Video VMA for Twenty One Pilots' "Heathens," exploits that idea for his work with Kiiara. Here, we find her sitting up in bed as the party people from the night before go about their mornings and hangovers. As Kiiara moves out of the house and into the world, everything around her cracks and floats toward the sky. Is it a dizzying metaphor for a comedown or is this a daydream brought on by a little wake and bake action? After all, when you have this many feels, the high can act as a remedy of sorts.

Kiiara's low kii savage EP is available now. November 3 marks the beginning of her headlining low kii n savage af tour. Tickets are available here.