Kiiara Continues To Kill Just About Everything With Three New Songs

“Intention”, “Hang Up Tha Phone”, and “Tennessee” are here

So, yes, you’ve probably already heard the legend of Kiiara, the 19-year-old singer and producer who cobbled together her bushel of songs while working as a hardware store clerk in Illinois. It’s a story that’s getting repeated a lot because, hey, it’s a great story and, hey, her tracks “Gold” and “Feels” are just absolutely stunning. 

Now, though, she’s built up enough of an available catalog that maybe it’s time to put that legend to bed and look past the novelty of Kiiara, and just concentrate on her output as a straight-up artist. For proof, look no further than what she did this morning. 

Today, thanks to YouTube, we got three—that’s three—songs that prove exactly how legit she is. The hot “Intention,” the creeping “Hang Up Tha Phone,” and the sultry “Tennessee” all hit the Webs this am and have been haunting us ever since. There’s a lot of The Weeknd in here (we mean that as a compliment) and just a touch of Grimes (that’s one, too), but these tracks prove Kiiara’s a thing of her own and that she’s probably not disappearing back into the SoundCloud soup she emerged from anytime soon.

Add to that, the extremely hot video she dropped for “Gold” last night, and we’ve got plenty to talk about for the rest of the week. The tale of the store clerk seems pretty irrelevant right now. Listen to them all below or snap up her just-released EP low-kii savage for yourself right here, right now.