killer style

target now sells katniss everdeen’s hunting jacket.

by faran krentcil

Wanting to be Katniss Everdeen is a tricky fantasy - sure, you get Peeta, and Gale, and cool hair, and designer dresses, and the chance to save a post-apocalyptic American nation from evil clutches... but you also have to kill lots of people, watch lots of other people (some of whom you love) die, and eat stale bread that (spoiler alert) was intended for pigs. So maybe instead of being Katniss Everdeen, it's safer to just adopt her wardrobe choices. Tall hunting boots? Check. Slim denim pants? Check. And now, thanks to Target, you can also buy her famous hunting jacket - the one that once belonged to her near-mythical father.

Beginning at midnight on August 18, 100 leather jackets modeled after Katniss' own go on sale for $349. Also up for grabs: a framed poster signed by all of the tributes for $699, and a 14k gold Mockingjay pin for $999. If you'd rather just buy the DVD, that's okay, too - Target will have an exclusive version with 45 minutes of extra footage, including never-before-seen cast interviews. Oh, and they have a fancy URL:

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