photo via getty images


things are looking blue for kim and kanye


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in the business of making headlines, and at this point all they need to do is wear creepy, matching colored contacts to get people to write about them. Hence, this article, which is about the fact that last night at SNL's 40th anniversary special (#SNL40), Kim and Kanye wore matching blue contacts because fashion/art/statements (or whatever). West most likely wore his for his performance of "Wolves," the moody first song off his upcoming album that features Sia and Vic Mensa, who both joined him onstage, or his "Jesus Walks" performance which had him on his back, staring at the camera. Wolves are known to possess the kind of electric blue eyes that Kanye wore last night, so, mystery solved. Why did Kim wear them? So she could take this selfie, obviously. Stare at this for hours and have nightmares accordingly.