Photo via @kyliecosmetics / Instagram


Kim Kardashian Is Dropping A Collection For Kylie Cosmetics

Keeping up with the collabs

It was only a matter of time before Kim Kardashian West hopped on the Kylie Cosmetics train. It was her sister and the mastermind behind the popular beauty brand, Kylie Jenner, who took to Instagram to make an official announcement about the collaboration today though. For months, we have watched Jenner drastically alter her features to resemble her big sis; this short clip, promoting the upcoming launch, makes the transition all the more real as the two pose topless next to each other while their makeup is being dabbed on. (Peep those perfect center parts.)

Based on what has been revealed so far, KKW x Kylie will feature a new nude lip kit. This collection marks the second collaboration within the family. (Jenner previously recruited her other sister Khloe for the Koko Collection.) Jenner really knows how to pucker up and keep her customers craving more products.

Jenner hasn't detailed a release date for the collection, but we'll be sure to keep you in the loop about the drop. For now, take a look at the KKW x Kylie teaser in the video, below.

UPDATE 4/19/2017 6:00PM EST: Kylie Jenner revealed four of the lipsticks from KKW x Kylie (Kimmie, Kiki, Kim and Kimberly) on Snapchat. Peep some of the shots, below.